Duckfest Magazine

Duckfest Magazine targets the most connected business owners, leaders and educated members of the community. Delivered yearly, this exclusive publication spread local and industry related news straight to our reader’s hands in some of the community’s most affluent clubs, bars and homes. To secure an engaged audience, our content is geared towards successful business owners, families and community leaders who are the pillars of our community.


  • 2,500 Distributed FREE During the Premier Duck Hunting Event in the Midwest
  • 6,500 Contact E-mail with Multiple Sends
    • Includes direct link to your business/offering
  • +50* Partner Locations to include FREE Distribution
  • 3 Week Availability at Partner Locations
    • *based on amount of partners/sponsor like Farm & Home, Cabelas, Ethyls, etc.

For Questions, Please Contact MacKenzie Barber
Email: justismackenzie@emmaushomes.org
Phone: 314.585.8682

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