Duckfest Vendors

About Duckfest

Beginning in 2014, Duckfest has provided waterfowl hunters from around the region a unique event catered to their passion for the outdoors and hunting. Steered by a committee made of passionate local business professionals and leaders, Duckfest has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity since its inception.

In 2017, Duckfest became a certified 501(c)3 nonprofit, further solidifying its place as an established, growing event. We hope you’ll consider being a part of our continued success by participating as a 2019 event vendor!

Notable Features
  • Attendance Average: 700+ & Growing
  • 75% Male
  • Upper Middle – High Income Levels
  • Majority Residents of St. Charles, St. Louis, Franklin, Warren, & Jefferson Counties
  • Majority 35 – 70 Years of Age
  • Continued Growth in Revenue & Sponsors
  • Business Owners, Professionals, & Community Leaders Well Represented
  • Increase in Number of Attendees From Surrounding States

Are You Interested in Becoming a Vendor for 2020?

Please contact our Vendor Coordinator Nick at nickq@emmaushomes.org

Special Thanks to our Duckfest 2019 vendors!